• Adagio teas     Prices are by the ounce      March 2018


    Black & Flavored Black  caffeine:  60-90 mg/8 ozs.    

    Ceylon tea is bright and lively, medium bodied and delightfully tangy.  1.45/oz

    Cinnamon Orange  Spicy, rich in flavor & aroma with a sweet finish.  2.20/oz

    Earl Grey Bravo Premium black tea from Sri Lanka, flavored with bergamot (a citrus fruit). 1.45/oz

    Decaf Earl Grey   1.90/oz

    English Breakfast  A brisk tea to start your day!  Fantastic with milk.  1.45/oz

    Ginger Peach Ceylon tea blended with ginger root and the flavor of ripe peaches and a hint of apricot 1.45/oz

    Irish Breakfast  Hearty Ceylon & Assam black teas with a smooth finish.  1.70/oz

    Jump Start Toasted mate tea, black tea, and kola blended with cocoa nibs, cinnamon bark and safflower infusion

    make up this well-caffeinated blend 1.70/oz

    Thai Chai  Silky, sweet coconut & bright lemongrass highlight this seductive chai blend.  1.70/oz

    Masala  Chai  A unique blend of spices; cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger.  1.70/oz

    Almond Oolong  Savory almond flavor with the bright, fruity taste of Formosa oolong.  1.70/oz

    Peach Oolong  Formosa oolong tea flavored with sweet peaches.  1.70/oz


    Green  caffeine: 35-70 mg/8 ozs.

    Apricot Green Green tea from China with the delicate flavors of apricots. 1.70/oz

    Autumn Mist  Apple, cinnamon, natural crème brulee flavor, marigolds, rose hips & petals.  1.70/oz

    Casablanca Twist  Darjeeling First Flush from India with fresh peppermint.   1.90/oz

    Green Chai  Smooth Chinese green tea with a chakra warming spice combination.  1.70/oz

    Gunpowder Classic green tea from China.  Full-bodied with a hint of smokiness 1.70/oz

    Cherry Green  Premium green tea flavored with summer cherries.  1.70/oz

    Citron Green  Chinese tea with the delicate flavors of lemon & lime.  Delightfully sweet. 1.70/oz

    Ginseng Green  The energizing flavor of ginseng & a hint of dried ginger. 1.70/oz

    Jasmine Chun Hao Infused with the delicate scent of night-blooming jasmine flowers.  1.70/oz

    Lemon Meringue Green tea blended with the natural flavors of lemon, vanilla and cream 1.70/oz *NEW

    Mandarin Green  Green tea from China with the delicate flavor of mandarin orange.  1.70/oz

    Mango Green  Perfectly ripened mangoes & Chinese green tea.  1.70/oz

    Melonberry Green Watermelon and Strawberry flavors blend with refreshing Green tea. 1.70/oz

    Pomegranate Green  Sweetly tart pomegranate flavor & raspberry pieces.  1.70/oz

    Vanilla Green  Green tea with pure vanilla. Smooth and cozy. 1.70/oz


    TisanesHerbal and Fruit naturally decaffeinated. (Tisane is pronounced ti-zan & means an herbal or fruit infusion.)

    Apple Orchard Natural sweetness of candied apple.  Apple pieces, rose hips, hibiscus.  1.70oz

    Bonfire  Honeybush, lapsang souchong tea, and coca nibs blended with aniseed, cinnamon, clove, and

    orange peel. 1.70/oz *contains a low amount of caffeine

    Autumn Sunset Apple pieces, blackberry leaves, lemon balm, rose hips, peppermint leaves,

    hibiscus, natural passion fruit flavor, cranberries, safflower, and blue cornflowers. 1.70oz

    Berry Blast  Hibiscus flowers, rose hips, cranberries, forest berries & blueberries.   1.70/oz

    Blood Orange  Juicy orange peels blended with hibiscus and rose hips 1.70/oz

    Cha Cha  Soothing Chamomile, refreshing Peppermint and zesty Lemongrass.  1.45/oz

    Chamomile  Chamomile flowers from the Nile River Valley of Egypt. 1.70/oz

    Cranberry Orange Bright,tangy and sweet. Cranberry and orange blended with cinnamon spice 1.70/oz

    Fruit Medley   Sweet mix of strawberry, hibiscus flowers, apples, rose hips & lemongrass.  1.70/oz

    Lemongrass  A light lemony taste, with slight hint of ginger.  1.45/oz

    Peppermint  Mediterranean peppermint.  Minty & refreshing.  1.45/oz

    Pomegranate Grove  Pomegranate, hibiscus & rose hips, with cinnamon & ginger.1.70/oz

    Green Rooibos Bonita  Green rooibos with peaches, strawberries & citrus.  1.70/oz

    Rooibos Nutcracker  Rooibos with apple pieces, cocoa nibs, and nautral caramel, hazelnut, & chestnut

    flavors 1.40/oz

    Rooibos Vanilla  Top-grade, organic rooibos flavored with natural vanilla. 1.40/oz

    Rooibos Vanilla Chai  Masala chai spices in a South African red rooibos base with a hint of vanilla. 1.70/oz

    Rooibos Peach  Organic Rooibos paired with succulent Peach.  1.40/oz

    South African grown Rooibos means “red bush,” .  It is classified as a tisane, or an herbal.  High in antioxidants. 

    Pronounced Roy-boss.

    Tea-Tox Cleanse your body and lift your spirits with milk thistle, burdock, green rooibos, cinnamon bark, peppermint leaves,

    dandelion root, and lemon balm. 1.70/oz

    Throat Therapy Licorice root, raspberry leaves, aniseed, cinnamon, orange, and slippery elm soothe your sore throat. 1.70/oz

    Watermelon Cooler The sweetness of watermelon blended with cranberries and hibiscus make this the perfect summer tea. 1.70/oz


    White Tea   caffeine: 30-55/8 ozs.   High in antioxidants!

    Blueberry  From the Fujian region of China flavored with sweet blueberries.   1.70/oz

    Strawberry   A complex blend with strawberry overtones and a hint of vanilla.  1.70/oz